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American Society for Pain Management Nursing

American Society for Pain Management Nursing® Executive Office
4400 College Boulevard, Suite 220
Overland Park, KS 66211
(888) 34-ASPMN
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The American Society for Pain Management Nursing is an organization of professional nurses dedicated to promoting and providing optimal care of individuals with pain, including the management of its sequelae. This is accomplished through education, standards, advocacy, and research.


  • Promote and provide education that provides stimulation, knowledge, and skills required for professional and personal growth.
  • Encourage nurses to specialize in the practice of pain management nursing.
  • Facilitate effective communication among pain management nurses.
  • Encourage and support systematic study, evaluation, and research related to pain management nursing care.
  • Promote the delivery of high quality pain management care.
  • Speak for the nursing profession with governmental bodies and the public on issues that concern pain management.
  • Establish standards of clinical nursing practice and nursing education in pain management.