Erratum| Volume 11, ISSUE 2, P125, June 2010


        In the article “Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Women After Breast Cancer Treatment” by Bokhari and Sawatzky in the December 2009 issue (10(4), 197-205; doi: 10.1016/j.pmn.2008.04.002), under the heading “Personal Risk Factors,” the reference Hack et al. (1999) was erroneously cited. The corrected sentence reads: “Increased body mass index [BMI] (i.e., weight-to-height ratio) has been linked to chronic neuropathic pain development after surgery (Bruce et al., 2003; Poobalan et al., 2001; Smith et al., 1999).” The author regrets the error.

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        • Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Women After Breast Cancer Treatment
          Pain Management NursingVol. 10Issue 4
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            Chronic neuropathic pain affects between 20% and 50% of women after their breast cancer treatment. The Human Response to Illness (HRTI) model provides a comprehensive theoretic framework to guide the assessment and management of this pain in women with breast cancer. Knowledge of the physiologic, pathophysiologic, behavioral, and experiential perspectives, as well as personal and environmental factors, will assist nurses and other health care professionals to develop better assessment tools and improve interventions and treatment modalities.
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